¡Brava: Espacio! Diviértete con la aventura espacial de Brava Hernández, una mujer de 15 años que no esperaba que su vida cambiara. Inteligente, una buena trabajadora, dedicada a aprender todo lo que sea del espacio, la mecánica cuántica, ingeniería de motores, y computadoras, Brava mira el canal ¨Ci y Psic¨ para escapar de su vida en una pandilla el Este de Los Ángeles. Pandillas, crimen, drogas, y padres que no la quieren, nada ha cambiado en el año 2219. Pero, un acto de amabilidad de su consejera en la secundaria le va a cambiar su vida para lo mejor, con la oportunidad para investigar misterios más profundos de la vida, y al mismo tiempo, encontrar retos que jamás imaginaba que pasaría. ¡Únete con Brava en esta aventura y prepárate, porque nunca se sabe!


El primer libro en la serie de Brava está disponible en Español en Amazon y en Marco´s Farmacia ubicado en el Este de Los Ángeles.



Marco’s Farmacia

4762 Whittier Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90022.


The first two books of the Brava Series are also available in English on Amazon, Nook, iTunes, Createspace, Smashwords, and other eReaders!


Brava: Space


Forced to join a gang to gain the attention of parents who could care less, 15-year-old Brava Hernandez fended for herself in the heart of East Los Angeles, 2219. Drugs, robberies, gang violence … nothing much had changed over the past two centuries. Her only escape was to watch the Sci & Psych Channel, which transported her imagination to galaxies far away. She learned yoga to control her inner pain, exercise to defend herself on the streets, and social interaction from the show hosts. The only person who ever helped her was her school counselor, who introduced Brava to Captain Corbin Wirkkala of the exploratory spaceship Justice. He hired her as his assistant and she set off on a real space adventure! But, the exploratory space mission quickly turned into a life or death struggle. Brava: Space is the first book in a Sci-Fi Adventure series that will take Brava to new planets, different spatial dimensions, and just might possibly uncover a universal mystery many would die to know, or try to kill her to discover. Will Brava have the strength to fight through her past in order to defeat her enemies?



Brava: Onslaught

“We riot our way in!”

Captured by a rogue crew on a desert planet called Voxa, Brava Hernandez became a pawn in a political struggle for power. Her only hope was to take one of their spaceships and head as far away from that planet as possible. So, she played along.

Waking up in a metal tent, a man tried to attack her. But, much to his surprise, she broke his nose and had to be taken off him before she could do more damage. The leader of the crew, Drostan left him in the desert to die, punishment for attacking an Exile.

Drostan’s crew headed towards the Dead Lion Dragon’s Solstice where Exiles were transported through space to a black dwarf to die as a sacrifice for the glory of the Fallen. But, Drostan had other plans for Brava.

Battling chimeric, time-forgotten creatures, enemies appearing out of nowhere, and the Mutares finding her again, Brava’s determination meets a great challenge. Will the help of new friends be enough to help her as she faces new spatial environments, a mysterious island, and deception from even the unlikeliest of people?




The incomparable master of literature, award-winning novelist, accomplished non-fiction writer, and prolific poet Robert Yehling was kind enough to edit these books. Read about him at

The phenomenally talented artist Trevor Smith drew the beautiful book cover art. View his masterful work at Trevor Smith Art!


New Orleans ComicCon booth 2-2014

Fantasy series:

The Satchel & Sword Trilogy is a Young Adult Epic Fantasy series written by Claudette Marco. Set in the new world of the Kordalis continent and the islands of the Caátlach Ocean, it chronicles the struggles and perseverance of Nevaline Scarcliff, a 15-year-old foot soldier living in the militarist matriarchal territory of Amazonia. Read more about the book in the “Book Report” page and the setting in the “Underdogs” page.

The Lord of the Rings meets a teenaged Xena: Warrior Princess, journey into the world of Kordalis and Nevaline Scarcliff!

Read an excerpt here: Satchel & Sword I Excerpt.

Busque el resumen en Español en la página “Book Report”.


Past Appearances:

Guest Panelist at the ConCarolinas Sci-Fi/Fantasy Convention in Charlotte, NC May 30-June 1, 2014! “Benevolent Wishes” to all who came! ConCarolinas Sci-Fi/Fantasy Convention

Michael and me at the ConCarolinas 2014!

Author Michael G. Williams and me at the ConCarolinas 2014!

Wizard World Sci-Fi/Fantasy Convention: New Orleans, LA February 7-9, 2014. Wizard World: New Orleans

Los Angeles Times Festival of Books April 12-13, 2014. Booth #733 in Argue Plaza: the Young Adult section (Orange). Los Angeles Times Festival of Books

WonderCon Sci-fi/Fantasy Convention: Anaheim, CA April 18-20, 2014! Table D-08. WonderCon


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