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What would the world be without friends? Friend(s) are those couple of people or, more than most, the one person, you can confide in when you are at your worst, and the person with which you claim the best memories. I loosely base Nevaline’s best friend, Cairine, after one of my best friends (yes, you can have more than one, according to me!). Of course, the circumstances in the book do not exactly mirror what really happened in my life. In this excerpt, Nevaline has just undergone a traumatic experience (I’m sorry, I cannot give it away!) and Cairine, a fellow squad-mate, tries to make her feel better:

“You fought well in the contest….” a familiar voice uttered at Nevaline’s side. Nevaline immediately recognized the voice: Cairine. She veered not her gaze from the ground.

“Entreat your acclaim upon the wind. Such greets my face as a stranger,” Nevaline responded indifferently.


“Does your tongue claim speech as the goddess of humility or the monster of self-pity?” Cairine retorted. –Satchel & Sword I.

What makes a person a friend? What makes a person a “best” friend?

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  1. Lyle McCullough says:

    A close friend is a person, man or woman, that you can talk to. That you can share your hardships and frustrations without being judged. Someone you like to be with. Someone that makes you laugh and you can laugh with. Someone that makes it easy to talk with. No awkward pauses. No wondering what they are thinking of you when you tell them you screwed up.

    My closest friend and I worked together. We would go to lunch on a daily basis. About 11am each morning, I would get an email from him even though he sat 3 desks away from me. He would say, “Lets go to the Big Apple” or “lets try someplace new”. He and I would just chat either about who is driving us nuts in the office or perhaps on some days we would talk about what kind of women we are attracted to. Cars were our common denomenator. We loved the same kind of cars as well as the same kind of women LOL.

    As my personal life began to change as my wife began to find more of her own interests and desires and his wife was a career woman and he was often left alone, he would invite me to come down to his home in Corona Del Mar during the weekends and we would just hang out or have lunch and at his special haunts.

    I had known him for a little more than 10 years before his passing away. Dana Bergman was not only my boss, but he had become my closest friend. I miss him dearly. Life at work has not been the same and it is a little bit sadder to go in each day but because of knowing him, my life has been made richer.

  2. Claudette says:

    Lyle, I met Dana once at one of your guys’ Christmas parties. He seemed like a very nice guy. It was very sad to hear it when he died. Certainly, a friend like he was to you is very hard to come by. Many of my friends have come and gone in my life. One friend, though, whom I met later in life has been there for me through thick and thin. I can tell her my deepest emotions and I know she won’t judge me, like you said above. That is a quality about her I very much appreciate. Thank you for sharing your experience, Lyle.

  3. Neoma Diann says:

    There have been friends in my life…and than there is those few that are forever friends…
    I have had but a few of these friends…they have been like sisters to me…
    it does not matter how long it has been since we have talked…we can pick up right where we are and somehow know what time has brought to our life’s since the last time we talked…connected in our Spirit…
    One of those dearly loved and missed friends …is gone from this side of life….and i miss her every day…she was the one that always said it straight to me concerning matters of the heart…she helped me keep focused….and although she has been gone now …for more than 3 years…i can still hear her voice coming to me …in matters of my heart….

    I am blessed to have a couple of friends that are still here that live in different places…so i do not see them ..yet again…we know what is in each other heart the moment we hear out voices connect…to me that is “Best Friend” and oh so much more…
    i get lonely at times for my best friends i do not see them often…but i am blessed to know they are always with me…and will forever catch me …hold me up….laugh with me…cry with me….and live as a part of me forever….and i them…forever friends….!!

  4. Claudette says:

    Neoma, that is so beautiful, because we can all relate to having a friend whom we don’t get to see too often but that we talk to on the phone when we can. We feel the emotional connection we have with them anyway and that feels good.

  5. daniel pallero says:

    cuando en la oscuridad mis pasos se confunden con la nada estiro mi mano y espero tocar otra mano que me guie hacia la luz, esa mano para mi representa a la amistad,un amigo siempre se encuentra al final de la linea,en el llanto en la sonrisa,en la duda o en la certeza la amistad me hace mas liviana la carga,los amigos se eligen no importa la cantidad, asi solo la muerte me llegue con uno solo, ahi sabre que no e fracazado, en la calidad se encuentra la razon de la vida misma

  6. Virginia says:

    I have many friends,good friends and I also have best friend which is my husband and my daughter, I can tell them everything and anything,they’re listing to me. Friends are everything,spiritual connection and the most important of all is trust and love one another.

  7. Claudette says:

    Daniel, que lindo son sus palabras. Si, tiene razon, los amigos nos liviana nuestro cargo en la vida que a veces nos cansa. Los amigos nos hacen reir y comparten con nuestras penas. !Yo no lo pudiera decir mejor que usted! Muchas gracias!

  8. Claudette says:

    Virginia, I agree that friendships abide a connection more than just superficial, but also spiritual.

  9. John Wolf says:

    I would say that there are two key factors to friendship: 1)common interests 2)complimentary personalities. The more these two factors match the the stronger the friendship will be. As we interact socially throughout our lives we meet people that match these factors to a greater and lesser degree. The strength of the match determines what degree of friendship is formed. Sometimes the match is good enough to form a friendship and sometimes it isn’t. Then there are the unique situations where the match is perfect and that is when you find that “best friend”.

  10. admin says:

    John, that is so true. Circumstances almost have to be perfect in order to obtain a best friend. Lives change and in school it was a lot easier to find friends by the simple reason of so many people being around you every single day. As an adult, I have found, it is a lot harder to meet as many people as I did when I was in school. But I did meet new people and made new friends, a best friend, people who have essentially enriched my life.

  11. Neoma Diann says:

    why yes..of course may use anything if it helps you in some way… always your friend Neoma