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Everyone has had a teacher who has influenced them in a great way. Nevaline has one teacher whom she prizes above all others, Master Sjhong. He taught her not just about Mythics, but about life. He was there for her when no one else was. I know I will step on some toes with this revelation, but, I will admit it anyway: Master Sjhong is my favorite character in the books. He is an amalgam of all the good teachers I have had in my life. My most important and influential teachers have been my parents. They taught me not just about subjects in school, but also about life. We must always keep in mind: one never stops learning.

“Door upon hinge opens at hand’s behest.” –Master Sjhong. Satchel & Sword I. The Search for the Saluka Stone.

What makes someone a good teacher?

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  1. Neoma Diann says:

    I had the best teacher when i was living in Missouri and i was about in the 4th grade…her name was Ms.Irwin….
    I never told anyone about the abuse i was getting at home..School for me was a place i could go and be someone else…but somehow she must have known…and back than it was not like today about abuse…the parents were always believed and the kid was making it up….
    she took a special interest in me..always encouraging me…as i lacked shelf confidence…..she even came out to met my parents and ask if i could spend a weekend with her ….and my parents actually said yes….i was so scared to go….i look back now and understand that i did not know how to accept pure love….
    The weekend i went i had the best time…she treated me to a play…The Emperor’s real clothes….and she bought me a birthstone ring…back than everyone at school had one…it was the big thing…
    The strange thing is..i would run into the room where i was staying and cry…and want to come home….she never gave up on me and by the time it was time to go home…she had placed in me a love i had not know…and i did not want to go home…
    but of course i did….
    I am not sure why..but my parents would never let me go to her house again…but no one in my life ”teacher wise”ever showed me that love…or even seemed to care …
    I think it is why i wanted to become a Pre-School teacher…so that if but one child would know that they were loved…and not in the dark…
    i still have that ring….Ms. Irwin got married left the school…and though i have never heard from her …she always comes back to my heart….
    A teacher is a person i think…that can help a child or be the person that makes a child feel even worse about themself..
    i am glad that for at least one year..i was shown the love …so to you..Ms. Irwin…i love you still…

  2. admin says:

    Neoma, your story is very touching. You are such a good person, and to have overcome such adversity has made me admire you even more. Teachers certainly do not know the type of impact they have on their students. Ms. Irwin deserves all the credit in the world. Thank You for sharing your story.

  3. John Wolf says:

    Unfortunately, I can’t say I ever had a teacher that influenced me in any way or had a significant impact on my life. I think the days of those types of teachers have long since gone. I suppose you might still find some in the private school system. That being said I think that patience is the one quality that all good teachers posses. Naturally a good teacher must have knowledge of their subject matter, but without patience they have very little chance of imparting that knowledge to their pupils. A good teacher must be able to put themselves in the pupil’s shoes and remember what it was like to be a student.

  4. admin says:

    John, there are still many teachers in public and private school system that make a difference in students’ lives. When I was studying to be a high school Spanish teacher not too long ago, my classmates were very dedicated to their craft and seemed to really care about helping the students succeed in life. So those days are never gone. Times change, fashion changes, but people are still learning and growing, and that’s what gives us hope.

  5. Virginia says:

    I had one teacher that influenced me and a big change in my life was a teacher(Sensei) which means Master or teacher in Japonese in JUDO. I was 18 Years old and a very shy person; because of him I became more confidence in myself and felt powerful. I became champion in tournaments,I did exhibition for personal defense. He was the best. Also, he was so patience with us. it was the most exacting class I ever took.