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Oh, this life tests our strength and the bonds which hold our character together absent remorse, doesn’t it? To face life with strength means that we have to resolve to seek change in a situation that we feel is not right and do what it takes to make that change happen. For all, strength of character is tested on a weekly or even a daily basis. Many fight to achieve daily goals. Others fight to achieve long term goals. Still others fight to achieve lifetime goals. But there are some who choose to bow out of their lives, for reasons of laziness, pessimism, or even fear of change.

My strength is tested every day. I have several long-term goals of which I am working to achieve. Some of these goals I have had all of my life, and others have come up as I have grown older. I remind myself daily that when my strength wanes to stay positive, that if I want these things badly enough, and am willing to work hard for them, I just might get them.

In this week’s quote, Nevaline has told her friend Yesnina that the Queen of Amazonia has declared war and they are to march in the army. Yesnina is distraught, to say the least. Nevaline attempts to console her.

“Yesi! You would confront this war with seasoned hands. You have trained hard. You shall claim success!” –Nevaline, Satchel & Sword I. The Search for the Saluka Stone.

How do you keep strong?

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  1. Virginia says:

    Strength is a state of mind. I learn to be strong since very young, thanks to my parents then latter in life my Judo teacher. Strength is everything, life is very hard, we can’t be weak.