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Working is a part of life. We all do it in one form or another. We all have different attitudes towards it depending on the amount of time we must put into it, how strenuous the labor is, and what the work actually is. In order for one to feel content, fulfilled, the particular work you are doing must be worth something to you (yes, i know, it pays the bills). But you must enjoy it too or else it wears on your heart and temperance. I have found that writing has given me total fulfillment. As a child, I wrote poetry to express my feelings but then gave it up when homework began taking more of my time. I picked it up again as an adult, finding how fulfilling it made me feel and how liberating it is. Nevaline found her work in the training camp strenuous and wearing on her motivation. But she did enjoy the chores Master Sjhong gave her because she valued the time spent with him.

“She [Nevaline] repaired cracked wooden boards in and around his cottage. She pulled weeds in his gardens and the neighbor’s gardens. She mended Master Sjhong’s and the neighbors’ clothes.” –Satchel & Sword I.: The Search for the Saluka Stone.


What would be your dream job, if you do not have it already?


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  1. Virginia says:

    I think that having a job is a blessing today! My dream job was to be an Executive secretary and I accomplish that one!

  2. Rocio Marin says:

    I would love to teach people how to be more spiritual.