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Every person has fears. In life, more than one thing, event, or even person, has caused us to feel fear. Certainly, I have felt the fear of failure when it comes to developing a career for myself. I have failed at so many careers. Of course, I now know that those careers did not work because they did not fit my personality, abilities, or interests. I have learned that experience is important in controlling fear. You can better manage your reactions through the fearful event and then continue on with your life. Fears will creep up without your control, it is how you work through them that counts.

When Nevaline was first issued the Claymore she dropped it many times. The longsword was heavy in her growing hands. The trainer put her down for this. She ran back to her bedchamber, threw the sword on the floor vowing never to pick it up again, and cried.

“When she also missed Master Sjhong’s [Mythics] class, he dispatched a squad-mate to request her presence. She walked to his cottage, fear gripping her trembling fist as she knocked on the door. […] While she stared at his angered face, his voice immediately entered into her mind:

‘Strength and patience should never stray from your hands, Hummingbird.’ ” –Satchel & Sword I.: The Search for the Saluka Stone.

How do you work through your fears?

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  1. Virginia says:

    How do I work through my fears? I have two intense fears, first one is flying, I conquer this fear only because the love I have for my parents and they lived in South America, the only way to see them was flying, so I conquered for love. The second one is fear of hospitals and Doctors, this Fear is my worse enemy.

    • admin says:

      Virginia, that is certainly a good reason to get over a fear, the love you have for family. It is essential to work out fears so that we can work through them when they come up because they can come up unexpectedly.

  2. Rocio Marin says:

    I fear to failure I general. I dont let fear paralize me, I just face it.

  3. Rocio Marin says:

    I fear to failure in general. I dont let fear paralize me, I just face it.