Posted by admin March 24th, 2013

When we get into situations that we do not expect, tight messes that require ingenuity, we must rise above any fear or anxiety and meet the challenge. Whenever I got into a bind, in the past or in the present, and I feel like I have no way out, I remember that I have been through these messes before. I have gotten out of them with the help of others and some adroitness on my part. Years of schooling and  exploring the range of emotions one can have, have helped me in both writing poetry and this trilogy. I have ideas for more books and limitless inspirations for poems. Nevaline’s resourcefulness is tested when she and her squad-mate Cairine get captured by the Maute Raiders.

“Only a soldier of unmatched foolishness would allow herself and her squad-mate to be captured! How could I have not prepared for such likelihood? Nevaline nonchalantly glanced around, surveying possible modes of escape.”  –Satchel & Sword I.: The Search for the Saluka Stone.

How have you been tested in your life?

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4 Responses

  1. Rocio Marin says:

    Life it self is a challenge but within we become wiser n stronger.

  2. Virginia says:

    I agree with Rocio, life is also a resourcefulness and inspirational teacher for all of us to be aware of everything around us physically spiritually.

    • admin says:

      Yes, life tests the bounds of our tolerance and our faith in ourselves. That is why when we take on a challenge, use what we have learned, and succeed, no other feeling is like it.