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When hopes of success obscure in the fog of failed attempts, one must strive to create again. In the midst of shadows passing through life’s path, we must strive to better ourselves, persevere, seek the sun. Many people have taught me that. School helped in teaching me to always strive towards producing my very best work. Impatience has always been my foe, but I remind myself that I must take time in my projects and to not accept second best. Success will happen.

Nevaline remembers when she first practiced with her Claymore. She dropped it many times, her hands buckling under its heavy weight.

“Vysariff Trenier’s words lacked dilution. ‘Your mind ignores the reality of your weaknesses. That sword is no more than a pat of butter in your childish hands!’ His sharp tongue had cut too deep that day. […] She raced to her bedchamber, threw the sword on the floor, and vowed never to retrieve it. She missed Master Sjhong’s class. He sent a squad-mate for her. Nevaline walked to his cottage. Fear gripped her trembling fist as she knocked on the door. The door opened. Master Sjhong stared at her. Did… nae… did he know what happened? His voice entered into her mind:

‘Strength and patience should never stray from your hands, Hummingbird.’ —Satchel & Sword I. The Search for the Saluka Stone.  

How have you persevered?

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4 Responses

  1. Virginia says:

    Perseverance was and is everything, without perseverance you have no hope and no fight. I learned to persevere in everything that comes in my path. You have to.

  2. Rocio Marin says:

    perseverance is better learned when that is the only option you have.