Enjoyment during a Trying Time

Posted by admin April 28th, 2013

To escape the confines of a trying time in our lives we do various things in order to find enjoyment, even when enjoyment is lacking. Whether we are trying to better our lives or coping with tragic events, we should find time for ourselves to enjoy life with the people we love and find dear to our hearts. In a place where life lacks purpose, we must refocus our minds and stay upon path. In my life, I have certainly needed to focus on maintaining my purpose well in hand, even when I feel I have no control over it. I continue working and will continue to work the rest of my life. Nevaline finds enjoyment in her training amidst the taunts of her jealous squad-mates in the training camp.

“Despite not liking how the others treated her during the exercises, she enjoyed doing them because they gave her a welcome pause to reminisce over the many sayings of her beloved Mythics teacher, Master Sjhong: ‘As discarded fruit rots upon the ground, so must the arrogant bear their hopeless hearts unto the Supreme Goddess Adamathia and be sent straightaway to rot in Socripham.’ –Satchel & Sword I: The Search for the Saluka Stone.

How do you find enjoyment during a trying time in life?

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2 Responses

  1. Virginia says:

    How do I find enjoyment during a trying time in life? Well, life is always hard no matter what. for me watching a funny movie, going out shopping with my daughter or going out with my husband make hard moments looks so small and fun kicks in!

    • admin says:

      Those are good things to do. Yes, it is important to do activities that give us enjoyment so that we are not wrapped up in our concerns all the time.