Posted by admin May 19th, 2013

Love is the greatest gift in life. It is important in our lives. Love comes in many different ways. Parents or guardians offer love to their children, helping them to grow and prosper in life. Friends offer love by listening to their friend’s troubles. Significant others give his/her love by also offering an ear to their significant other’s troubles and sharing in the excitements of life. Love from a significant other is certainly a lot harder to come by. Many are looking for a relationship, many are starting a relationship, many are in one already, and others are nearing the end of one. With every relationship in our past, we grow stronger and wiser. We learn about how either we lost ourselves in that relationship, how the circumstances were just not right, or simply that the two people were just not compatible. But we must have hope that we will find that person that is right for us. Instead of a quote from Satchel & Sword, I have included a poem of mine.


For heart slashed, bleeding

yet wise, passionately leading

ignore slash’s pain and feel

path’s end draws near

closure in comfort, love in concert

wounds of torment healed.


How has love changed your life?

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  1. Virginia says:

    We all need love in our life. How has love change my life? It didn’t because I always had love in my life, I was lucky, I had great parents, awesome brother, then, I found the love of my life my husband and I have the most wonderful daughter, she’s full of life and she give us A LOT OF LOVE! I am lucky in love.