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To be determined is to carry the will to change circumstances, for the better, or for the worse. Determination pushes us to work harder towards achieving our goals, step by step. Determination is difficult to grasp, it can slide through your fingers like honey. But we must not give up hope. It is also in our struggles that we find answers to solve the problems that might plague us down the road. It is through our determination that we finally achieve our goals and achieve the potential of who we can truly become. Becoming a better person, contributes to the fulfillment of a better society. Do not let the honey fall from your fingers. Catch it in your jar and hold on to it, for the end shall be sweet.

Nevaline learns that she will be Advanced, or graduated, prematurely from the United Warriors Training Camp with all of her other squad-mates.  She is confronted with a chance to escape the training camp. She refuses. She is determined to achieve her goals lawfully, for the penalty of running away is death.

“My life’s purpose now is to achieve independence, which means achieving freedom from the Amazonian military.” –Nevaline, Satchel & Sword I: The Search for the Saluka Stone.

Describe ways we can maintain our determination during a difficult time.

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  1. Virginia says:

    Life is difficult for everyone but by keeping my determination in achieving what I want in life it makes difficult events easy to achieve.
    I think that determination can be anything we want.
    Determination for me is to be a mother and a wife and have a harmonious life full of fun and love for everything around my family, my world, LOVE!

    • admin says:

      Yes, keeping up one’s determination is difficult and disheartening at times. But keeping goals in mind is important and rewarding in the end.