The Future

Posted by admin June 2nd, 2013

Taking a vacation, buying a new car, having a child, going on an adventure… This list goes on indefinitely. For everyone, future goals are unique. Short term goals are many in number, and carry as many victories. But long-term goals are the deepest oceans requiring suits of strength to protect the brave from the pressure. These goals are attainable. At times we all feel that life has forgotten us. But we would not be here if it was not important. We are here to attain our goals, no matter how far-reaching, no matter how unlikely success may seem. Set your goals so that they spotlight and enrich who you are. The most important thing is to work hard.

Nevaline finds many difficult challenges in her life, right from the outset. One such difficulty strikes her like an anvil on the head.

“Such with self-pity shares a fool’s bed!” she exclaimed. “My yet beating heart must press on in honor of my mother, father, and Master Sjhong.” —Satchel & Sword I: The Search for the Saluka Stone.

What keeps you going in achieving your long-term goals?

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  1. Virginia says:

    My long-term goal has been achieved, God gave me everything I wanted and more, a simpler life with a lot of love!. I had a hard life growing up, so, with the help of God and my persistence I achieved my goals.
    I think That with SELF-DISCIPLINE= PERSISTENCE You can reach your goals in life!