Satchel & Sword II: The Caátlach Islands!! The charge continues!

Posted by admin March 24th, 2014

Available now, the second book in the Satchel & Sword Trilogy: Satchel & Sword II: The Caátlach Islands!

The charge continues! In Satchel & Sword II: The Caátlach Islands, our heroes Nevaline, Cairine, and Mocsli begin their perilous search for the second fragment on the Caátlach Ocean. Having no other information about its location, they head north towards Carbry to find passage to the islands. But, their perils begin sooner than expected. Enemies of a human-kind, seeking power and coin, find Nevaline and her friends very valuable! Outnumbered, they are desperate to escape the clutches of these brigands of the Caátlach Ocean: the Kinlanders. Even if they find a way, what awaits them if they reach the second fragment?


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  1. Virginia says:

    Congratulations in your second book!

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