Brava: Space! The new Sci-fi Adventure series is here!

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After a long road, my new book series starts here: The Brava Series! The first two books are available on Amazon Kindle and iTunes/iBooks.


Brava: Space


Forced to join a gang to gain the attention of parents who could care less, 15-year-old Brava Hernandez fended for herself in the heart of East Los Angeles, 2219. Drugs, robberies, gang violence … nothing much had changed over the past two centuries. Her only escape was to watch the Sci & Psych Channel, which transported her imagination to galaxies far away. She learned yoga to control her inner pain, exercise to defend herself on the streets, and social interaction from the show hosts. The only person who ever helped her was her school counselor, who introduced Brava to Captain Wirkkala of the exploratory space ship Justice. He hired her as his assistant and she set off on a real space adventure! Come aboard as Brava learns the ins and outs of her ship, the Oikeudenmukaisuus, the Finnish word for Justice, and meets new friends. However, facing a mutiny, a maniacal scientist, and hostile aliens, Brava’s strength and determination will be tested… and that’s only the beginning!





Brava: Onslaught 


Captured by a rogue crew on a desert planet called Voxa, Brava Hernandez became a pawn in a political struggle for power. Her only hope was to take one of their spaceships and head as far away from that planet as possible. So, she played along.
Waking up in a metal tent, a man tried to attack her. But, much to his surprise, she broke his nose and had to be taken off him before she could do more damage. The leader of the crew, Drostan left him in the desert to die, punishment for attacking an Exile.
Drostan’s crew headed towards the Dead Lion Dragon’s Solstice where Exiles were transported through space to a black dwarf to die as a sacrifice for the glory of the Fallen. But, Drostan had other plans for Brava.
Battling chimeric, time-forgotten creatures, enemies appearing out of nowhere, and the Mutares finding her again, Brava’s determination meets a great challenge. Will the help of new friends be enough to help her as she faces new spatial environments, a mysterious island, and deception from even the unlikeliest of people?




Print copies will be available next week.

Happy reading!


Satchel & Sword III: The Fate of Kordalis is finally out!

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Finally, the conclusion to the Satchel & Sword Series is out! Nevaline and her best friend Cairine have braved jealous squad-mates, thieves, giant human-eaters, Harpies, her evil grandfather, brigands of the Caátlach Ocean, half-gods, and their self-doubt to try to obtain the Saluka Stone fragments. But, now, with the Kinlanders stronger than ever, another half-god to contend with, a woman with supreme Mythics abilities challenging Nevaline, a world war looming over Kordalis, and Micdian, the most powerful enemy of all, yet lying dormant in Mt. Oag, will Nevaline and Cairine be strong enough to survive?

Satchel & Sword III: The Fate of Kordalis:


Barnes and Noble


It has been a great year for me! I moved to Kingman, AZ with my boyfriend and have made great friendships that will last a lifetime. Everyday I work on my books, my passion for writing never failing because that work has completed my soul. I am working on a young adult Sci-Fi series right now. The first book is completed, and I’m working on the second one. Stay tuned onto my Twitter and website for more details.

Enter the world of Kordalis and join Nevaline Scarcliff on a great adventure!


S&SIII-1-5flat copy


Satchel & Sword II: The Caátlach Islands!! The charge continues!

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Available now, the second book in the Satchel & Sword Trilogy: Satchel & Sword II: The Caátlach Islands!

The charge continues! In Satchel & Sword II: The Caátlach Islands, our heroes Nevaline, Cairine, and Mocsli begin their perilous search for the second fragment on the Caátlach Ocean. Having no other information about its location, they head north towards Carbry to find passage to the islands. But, their perils begin sooner than expected. Enemies of a human-kind, seeking power and coin, find Nevaline and her friends very valuable! Outnumbered, they are desperate to escape the clutches of these brigands of the Caátlach Ocean: the Kinlanders. Even if they find a way, what awaits them if they reach the second fragment?


Available in print and on Kindle at (universal link).

Satchel & Sword II at

Barnes and Noble available in print and on Nook:

Satchel & Sword II at


Satchel & Sword on Itunes

And many other ebook distributors!


Signing at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, April 12-13,2014!

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Benevolent Wishes! The Amazonian crier has announced the official news! I will be signing and selling books at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books April 12-13, 2014.

I will be in Booth #733 in Argue Plaza: the Young Adult section (Orange Zone on the map). Los Angeles Times Festival of Books



My Interview for ScribblersInkBlog!!

Interviews | Posted by admin January 25th, 2014

An in-depth interview of me on ScribblersInkBlog! Very interesting and fun questions and great people at ScribblersInkBlog. Check it out!

ScribblersInkBlog Interview of Claudette Marco


I will be at Booth #819 at the New Orleans Comic Con 2014!

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Come and visit me at Booth 819, right in the middle of the convention floor, a couple booths from where the Wizard World Information Booth is. Click on the picture for a link to the convention exclusives which features my book! Come by and say Benevolent Wishes!


S & S I Available now on Barnes & Noble and iTunes!

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Benevolent Wishes my Underdogs!

Satchel & Sword I: The Search for the Saluka Stone is now available on Barnes & Noble and iTunes.

Barnes & Noble:


*Remember, if you want an electronic copy, you don’t need to have a(n) Kindle/Nook/iPad to order the book from their respective providers, only an account with Amazon/Barnes/Apple.

SatchelAndSwordWebSize’s Review of Satchel & Sword I!

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Check out a great book review of Satchel & Sword I: The Search for the Saluka Stone written by Jake Vyper at, one of the premier Fantasy and Sci-fi entertainment websites with over 239,00 likes on their Facebook page! Review

Wizard World Comic Cons New Orleans and Chicago 2014!!

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I just got the news that I will be signing my book at Wizard World Sci-fi/Fantasy/Comic Book Conventions in New Orleans, LA February 7th, 8th, and 9th, 2014 and Wizard World Chicago August 21st, 22nd, 23rd, and 24th, 2014! I’m so excited! Thank you to the great people at Wizard World HQ for this opportunity. Hope to see my Underdogs there!!



Wizard World chicago-comic-con-august-21-22-23-24-2014-thur-fri-sat-sun-donald-e-stephens-convention-center-rosemont-21


Julia Hughes New Novel!!

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the_griffins_boy1 (4)


My good friend Julia Hughes has written a new novel in her Griffin Cryer’s Series. This Young Adult Fantasy Novel will surely please every reader looking for a great story and will make a great Christmas gift! Just click on the picture and check it out!

Enter for your chance to win this book here:  a Rafflecopter giveaway

banner flying book tour


Synopsis (taken from Julia Hughes Amazon page):
“In a world where only those of noble birth are invited to join the elite Griffin Riders, orphan Neb is destined for a life of drudgery. His path changes when he steals the disobedient young griffin Balkind in an attempt to prove that you don’t need noble blood to become a hero.
Join “The Griffin’s Boy” on the adventure of a lifetime as he encounters girls for the very first time, learns the meaning of friendship and battles evil forces for his very soul.”
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