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Satchel & Sword III: The Fate of Kordalis is finally out!

Satchel & Sword | Posted by admin October 1st, 2015

Finally, the conclusion to the Satchel & Sword Series is out! Nevaline and her best friend Cairine have braved jealous squad-mates, thieves, giant human-eaters, Harpies, her evil grandfather, brigands of the Caátlach Ocean, half-gods, and their self-doubt to try to obtain the Saluka Stone fragments. But, now, with the Kinlanders stronger than ever, another half-god to contend with, a woman with supreme Mythics abilities challenging Nevaline, a world war looming over Kordalis, and Micdian, the most powerful enemy of all, yet lying dormant in Mt. Oag, will Nevaline and Cairine be strong enough to survive?

Satchel & Sword III: The Fate of Kordalis:


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It has been a great year for me! I moved to Kingman, AZ with my boyfriend and have made great friendships that will last a lifetime. Everyday I work on my books, my passion for writing never failing because that work has completed my soul. I am working on a young adult Sci-Fi series right now. The first book is completed, and I’m working on the second one. Stay tuned onto my Twitter and website for more details.

Enter the world of Kordalis and join Nevaline Scarcliff on a great adventure!


S&SIII-1-5flat copy


S & S I Available now on Barnes & Noble and iTunes!

Satchel & Sword | Posted by admin January 13th, 2014

Benevolent Wishes my Underdogs!

Satchel & Sword I: The Search for the Saluka Stone is now available on Barnes & Noble and iTunes.

Barnes & Noble:


*Remember, if you want an electronic copy, you don’t need to have a(n) Kindle/Nook/iPad to order the book from their respective providers, only an account with Amazon/Barnes/Apple.


Article posted on Words Unlimited!

Satchel & Sword | Posted by admin December 16th, 2013

My article “Revolution of the Underdogs” was featured on Words Unlimited! Scroll down to 12/11/13.

Words Unlimited

My interview on Cherie Colyer’s Blog!!

Satchel & Sword | Posted by admin December 6th, 2013

Read about Satchel & Sword, my process for writing, and some personal tidbits on Cherie Colyer’s blog.

Cherie Colyer Blog

Release the Beast. November 25th.

Satchel & Sword | Posted by admin November 12th, 2013



Release the Beast. November 25th.

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