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Satchel & Sword II: The Caátlach Islands!! The charge continues!

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Available now, the second book in the Satchel & Sword Trilogy: Satchel & Sword II: The Caátlach Islands!

The charge continues! In Satchel & Sword II: The Caátlach Islands, our heroes Nevaline, Cairine, and Mocsli begin their perilous search for the second fragment on the Caátlach Ocean. Having no other information about its location, they head north towards Carbry to find passage to the islands. But, their perils begin sooner than expected. Enemies of a human-kind, seeking power and coin, find Nevaline and her friends very valuable! Outnumbered, they are desperate to escape the clutches of these brigands of the Caátlach Ocean: the Kinlanders. Even if they find a way, what awaits them if they reach the second fragment?


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Julia Hughes New Novel!!

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My good friend Julia Hughes has written a new novel in her Griffin Cryer’s Series. This Young Adult Fantasy Novel will surely please every reader looking for a great story and will make a great Christmas gift! Just click on the picture and check it out!

Enter for your chance to win this book here:  a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Synopsis (taken from Julia Hughes Amazon page):
“In a world where only those of noble birth are invited to join the elite Griffin Riders, orphan Neb is destined for a life of drudgery. His path changes when he steals the disobedient young griffin Balkind in an attempt to prove that you don’t need noble blood to become a hero.
Join “The Griffin’s Boy” on the adventure of a lifetime as he encounters girls for the very first time, learns the meaning of friendship and battles evil forces for his very soul.”

Keeping the reader locked in, and taking you through a great story! A Review of A Ripple in Time.

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A Ripple in Time- An Angel of the Titanic (Celtic Cousins Adventures) by Julia Hughes.

Carrie is a very personable, intelligent young woman, who is levelheaded and wants to see the truth in life. To her opposite is Gran, her relatively mild-mannered grandmother, who has this fascination with an Angel that no one can see or hear. Carrie wants her to stop saying that she hears this voice and forget about it altogether. But Gran gets a request from her Angel that she cannot and does not ignore. The Angel wants Carrie to retrieve something. Gran asks Carrie to do this and she indulges Gran so that she can prove to Gran that this Angel does not exist. But Carrie finds that there is more to this Angel than she realizes: Carrie actually finds the Angel’s (whose name is Wren) magical sword that only those with a special Celtic origin can hold.

Carrie gets swept up into a controversy that reaches farther than her modest village. Her Gran attracts much attention when she speaks of this Angel who visits her, attention from those who actually know about this phenomenon and seek to harness the power of the sword for themselves.

A Ripple in Time has an innovative premise, very descriptive action, and a lot of action, which I like. The story progresses nicely with Carrie’s ups and downs in her quest to rescue her Gran and save Wren from his enslavement in this dimension, and to potentially live in a dimension herself where she has more opportunity to advance in life, to have a better future.

I recommend this book and I can’t wait to read the rest in this series!

Available on Amazon October 10th, 2013!





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