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December 2013

Midwest Book Review of Satchel & Sword I!

by Diane Donovan, Senior eBook Reviewer

Satchel & Sword I: The Search for the Saluka Stone

Claudette Marco



Teen Nevaline is no ordinary girl, but a powerful protagonist who (even at age fifteen) is more than adept at fighting and physical training: something her Amazonia teammates resent her for. Raised within a military structure, Nevaline’s connections to her duty and military structure are just as strong as her abilities. Balancing this military perspective is one special, mystical teacher and father figure, Master Sjhong, who has both raised her and encouraged Nevaline to realize some of her more mystical talents and her connection to the Goddess. His wisdom and influence has a major impact on her development, leading her away from a purely military perspective to a realization that her true destiny lies in killing the evil Micdian before he can enslave the world.

But life is all about changes – and so is Satchel & Sword I: while Nevaline has lived with the possibilities of war and unrest all of her life, what she really wants is to live a more peaceful life away from the army. Unfortunately her desires for peace will not be realized anytime soon, and the expedition she faces with her best friend Cairine will both challenge her and change lives.

The heart of this journey involves a search for the mysterious Saluka Stone, with which Nevaline can awaken the god Micdian in order to destroy him.

Myths, the surreal and challenging world of a young warrior girl who faces her greatest task to date, and ongoing issues of parentage, heritage and friendship unfold against the backdrop of a seemingly impossible mission that tests all of Nevaline’s relationships and beliefs.

Perhaps this is the greatest strength of Satchel & Sword I: its ability to inject this sense of daily wonder into an epic fantasy involving an impossible journey, a testing of personal boundaries, and a realization of the world’s infinite connections.

Teen readers with an affection for fantasy will find this strongly rooted in cultural exploration, spiced with a complex ever-changing story line, and centered around a powerful young adult female who holds the ability to transform her world without losing her sense of appreciation for its daily wonders.

Satchel & Sword I isn’t a novel for light leisure story enthusiasts seeking quick action and resolution, but the beginning of an epic journey more suitable for any fantasy reader who is drawn to complex plots, characters, and powerful female protagonists.

D. Donovan, Senior eBook Reviewer, MBR

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